04 April 2012

strawberry shortcake coffee?!?

ok, what's going on here? i was shopping at target the other day and what did i see? dunkin' donuts makes strawberry shortcake coffee. really?!? ok, i used to drink flavored coffee, but only hazelnut or vanilla, nothing as bizarre as strawberry shortcake. i haven't tried it, so i don't know if i should be knocking it, but i'm sorry, i don't even want to try it. if i want a strawberry shortcake, i think i'd go to my local ice cream parlor, not to my coffee machine. and to top it off, it is ground coffee. why would anyone buy stale, pre-ground coffee?


  1. I also avoid dessert flavored coffees. I do like nut flavored brews like hazelnut and pecan or chocolate but I prefer to eat my desserts, not drink them.

  2. I bought it only because my daughter is a strawberry fanatic. I plan to surprise her in September with it and only bought it because I was pretty sure it'd be off the shelves by then. I think however I may try a cup before then just to see... I just wish it said if it was caffeinated or not..

    I have to object with you on pre ground coffees being stale. I have ground my own beans and found it to be little difference when drinking Folgers. Others yes fresh ground is sometimes better but Folgers stepped up their game. Their Black Silk coffee is what keeps other people alive in my world. LOL, I'm one of those people you let have coffee before you talk to them...


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