20 August 2012

philz coffee

when in san francisco, and craving a jolt of caffeine, i would recommend philz coffee. their reputation preceded them so on our recent visit to sf, i sought them out. there are several locations but we went to the one on van ness. the line was quite long but it moved along at a swift pace. my barista was very knowledgeable and when he asked what we looked for in a coffee, he suggested i try the red sea blend and jacobs wonderbar for hubby. props to him because we both thought our coffee was, to borrow a phrase, good to the last drop.

"one cup at a time"

15 August 2012

coffee w/ bailey at roy's station

do you know the way to san jose? if you do, you should stop by roy's station. what was once a gas station, is now an adorable coffee house. it is located in the area that is known as japantown (or jtown) in san jose.

bailey enjoyed her time at, dog friendly, roy's.

there is quite a history to this place. roy murotsune bought the gas station after he was freed from the internment camps in wwii. it was a gas station for decades until 1990 when it was shut down to avoid the high cost of updating tanks to the newer models that would meet state environmental standards. still owned by the murotsune family, it morphed into a coffee shop and was reopened in 2009 by roy's children and grandchildren.

kokeshi dolls beautifully painted on utility boxes just around the corner from roy's.

13 August 2012

coffee from a vending machine?

on our recent trip up to san francisco, we found a rest stop near los banos that had an assortment of vending machines. there was the usual munchies: cookies, candy, water, ice cream... we were very surprised to see not one, but two coffee vending machines! how desperate would one have to be, to actually purchase a coffee from a vending machine?

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