18 October 2013

dean & deluca

while in new york, i stopped in at dean & deluca. i had read wonderful reviews of their coffee so i stopped in for a bag. they had lots of blends to choose from and after reading all the descriptions, i picked the napa valley blend. they describe it as having "distinctively wine-like notes of fruit and berries" and they aren't kidding! this coffee is definitely on my top 10 list. after it cools a bit, it explodes with fruits and berries! it's a good thing daughter #2 lives in new york because she can supply me with a constant stream of this wonderful coffee.

they have several locations to choose from and we chose their soho store. this location is part coffee bar, part gourmet market (that's why you can see fruit in the front corner of this shot). if you want a munchie or a meal with your coffee, this is the location to pick.

560 broadway, ny, ny

07 October 2013

kaffe 1668

while walking in tribeca, i came across this sign in front of kaffe 1668. i thought it was so cute, i just had to take a picture of it. (i don't get the sheep/coffee connection but whatever.) i couldn't stop in for a cup because i still had a cup of laughing man in my hand. it was a cute cafe with plenty of indoor seating and there was quite the buzz going on in there.
i have added them to my "must visit" coffee list and the next time i am in new york, i will stop in for a cup.

04 October 2013

laughing man coffee

while visiting new york, one of the places i wanted to try the coffee was laughing man. two reasons:
1) all profit goes to charity [gotta love a company that gives back]
2) it is owned, in part, by hugh jackman!
it is a tiny little shop, not really what i expected. there is only room for a handful of customers at a time, then the line will be out the door. there is no indoor seating and outside there are only a couple of seats. if you want to sit & relax with your cup, which is what i like to do, that isn't really an option here. we had to take it to go.

to bring home, i purchased the kenya roast which is described as full body, orange, cherry & black currant. and of course i had to buy one of their mugs because once the coffee is gone, i will still have the mug to remind me of my visit.

all be happy!

184 duane st, new york, ny
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