26 July 2012

coffee for tired people

i saw this bag of coffee while waiting in line at marshall's. i thought it was quite funny because isn't all coffee "coffee for tired people"? of course i don't buy pre-ground coffee, especially from Marshall's, but i just had to take a picture to share.

23 July 2012

umbrella & cup holder in one!

i stumbled across this item while coffee surfing the other day. picture yourself walking your dog, in the rain, while trying to enjoy your daily dose of caffeine. that means you'll be juggling a leash, an umbrella and your coffee all at once. if you have three hands, you'll be fine, but it you're like the majority of us humans, you are one hand short. well a korean designer has come up with an umbrella that will double as a cup holder. look how happy this guy is that he can hold his umbrella AND his cup of coffee with one hand!
what do you think of this item? ridiculous or genius?

16 July 2012

it's a coffee palooza!

looks like the klatch just got their delivery of freshly roasted coffee! organic, fair trade, decaf, blends... everything's in stock! mmm, i'll take one of each please.

10 July 2012

100 degrees & rising

is it ever too hot for coffee? our temperature hit triple digits yesterday, but that didn't keep me from having my afternoon cup. just crank up the ac and enjoy.

09 July 2012

vegas baby!

daughter #2 went to vegas to attend a salsa congress and look at what she brought back for me... a las vegas starbucks mug!!! do i have a great daughter, or what.

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