30 April 2012

coffee w/ bailey #16

last tuesday we went for coffee at bean town in sierra madre. we've been going here for years and love it. there is a starbucks literally around the corner, but you won't catch us there as long as bean town is around. and by the crowd they attract, i can see we are not alone.

on the day we were there, they were filming an episode of touch across the street. for more pics on that, check out bailey unleashed.

27 April 2012

el gavilan

today's brew is el gavilan from counter culture coffee. of course it is brewed in my chemex. it is tasty bean from ecuador full of fruitiness (cherry, apricot & peach). ordering coffee from the smaller roasters guarantees you are getting a freshly roasted bag of beans and not a bag that has been sitting on the shelf for months.

25 April 2012

coffee w/ bailey #15

let's go to hollywood for some coffee! just take the 101 and exit sunset blvd.

groundwork coffee is on the corner of sunset bl & cahuenga bl, just blocks from the hollywood walk of fame.

bailey is hoping to be discovered. she says if lana turner can get discovered at a drug store (also on sunset bl), why can't she get discovered at a coffee shop?

23 April 2012

Coffee Bean WeHo

this is the coffee bean on santa monica bl in west hollywood.
(color enhanced with instagram's kelvin filter.)

13 April 2012

who spilled the beans and left it???

i found this pile of beans at the self-serve coffee area of my local grocery store. i think it was very uncool for whoever made this mess to just leave it there. if it was an adult, they should know better. if it was an unsupervised child, well they shouldn't be unsupervised! whoever it was, shame on you for not cleaning up your mess.

11 April 2012

matchy matchy

apparently the latest trend is to match your shoes to your starbucks drink!
i'm still looking for someone to match their tazo green tea with their green sneakers. :)
if you have a picture of your shoes matching your drink, send me the link and you might see your picture added to this post.

images found on tumblr

09 April 2012

coffee w/ bailey #14

i was having my morning coffee and photographing bailey when she realized there was a lovely scent coming from my coffee cup. it made her get up to investigate. sorry bailey, no coffee for you; it's all mine.

06 April 2012

happy birthday tata

today is the anniversary of my grandfather's birth. i called him grandpa growing up but when my first daughter was born, she renamed him tata, and the name stuck. this little vignette is of his coffee cup, his coffee canister & a picture of him holding me. i love you tata and miss you each and every day.

04 April 2012

strawberry shortcake coffee?!?

ok, what's going on here? i was shopping at target the other day and what did i see? dunkin' donuts makes strawberry shortcake coffee. really?!? ok, i used to drink flavored coffee, but only hazelnut or vanilla, nothing as bizarre as strawberry shortcake. i haven't tried it, so i don't know if i should be knocking it, but i'm sorry, i don't even want to try it. if i want a strawberry shortcake, i think i'd go to my local ice cream parlor, not to my coffee machine. and to top it off, it is ground coffee. why would anyone buy stale, pre-ground coffee?

02 April 2012

coffee w/ bailey #13

this morning i decided to pull out my goofy german coffee mug. the other side says "guten morgen" and the front shows lazy coffee beans in the frazzled mug. i just feel like it's gonna be this kind of day. Zum Wohl!

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