28 May 2012

coffee w/ bailey #18

hello swork, long time no see!
it feels like it's been years since we've been to swork. i don't know why, but for some reason they fell off our radar. maybe i should make a list of the coffee shops we like, so we won't forget any of them.
sorry swork. we won't forget about you again.

bailey, just chillin' at swork

ask for no room, and they fill it to the rim!

swork coffee, colorado bl, eagle rock

21 May 2012

eco coffee

yesterday we found a new coffee shop in long beach. it is called eco coffee and their slogan is "the green coffee house." it is a tiny little eco conscious shop on carson street with only 3 little tables inside and 2 outside. their organic coffee was $1.85 for a small and was ExCePtIoNaL. they are definitely on our list of coffee shops to return to.

notice the bike rack shaped like a coffee cup!

enjoying my cup of caffeine

17 May 2012

last dance

RIP donna summer :(
your voice has been silenced but your music will live on forever.
say what you will about disco, donna summer's voice was like no other. she was the queen of disco and always will be.

13 May 2012

intelligentsia coffee

for mother's day we made it to intelligentsia coffee in pasadena. i had their chemex brewed nyarusiza, which was quite good. check out how they serve their coffee! it comes on little wooden trays with an extra pitcher to top off your coffee. how adorable is that?

09 May 2012

04 May 2012

basix cafe

the other day on our way to brunch at kitchen 24, we passed basix cafe. we didn't have time to drop in but i did have time to snap a quick shot of their cool sign. hopefully next time we are in WeHo, we'll have time to stop in, cuz it looked really cute.

02 May 2012

coffee w/ bailey (& aoife) #17

a few weeks ago we were in los angeles with daughter #1. deciding on a coffee shop in la is very difficult because there are sooo many choices. daughter #2 had introduced us to paper or plastik, and since daughter #1 had never been there before, that's where we ended up. they are on pico bl and have a good amount of outdoor seating, which we are always looking for since we coffee with dogs.

they hand craft each cup individually so it takes a little longer to get your cup of caffeine, but it's definitely worth it. plus you know you are getting a super fresh cup.

daughter #1's dog, aoife.

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