31 January 2013

coffee w/ bailey #30: coffee bean

yesterday coffee bean was celebrating their 50th anniversary and to celebrate, they were giving away cups of their anniversary blend... FREE! hubby and i (and the doggies) went to our local shop to partake in their celebration. who am i to turn down free coffee?

we were very surprised to be given the 16 ounce cups. we were totally expecting to walk out with 12 ouncers. THANKS COFFEE BEAN.

coffee bean, claremont ca

17 January 2013

costa rica cafetal

we can never go to the coffee klatch without coming home with a bag or two of their coffee. on our last trip, we bought their costa rica cafetal. i can't wait to dive into this bag because i know the klatch plus costa rican beans will equal a delicious roast.

14 January 2013

good morning world!

today i decided to brew myself a cup of orange bourbon in my hario v60. this is my current favorite roast from the klatch. i have been drinking klatch coffees for over 5 years now and this is one of their best. if you don't follow a table in the corner of the cafe take a gander at his review of this flavorful roast. it just may convince you to order yourself a bag.

my hario v60

10 January 2013

adios las rosas

alas, our bag of verve las rosas has long ended. you were well liked and you will be missed.

01 January 2013

happy brew year!

i ended 2012 with verve and began 2013 with codech from beanfruit. according to their web site "100% of this lot is from women owned or managed farms. 50% of the funds from this lot will go directly to the women who produced this lot & the remaining 50% will go to a women's health workshop." it is also fair trade and organic! order this coffee and you can feel good about drinking coffee.

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