29 May 2014

hidden house coffee

this past weekend we drove down to capistrano for the day. it's been a while since we've been there and there's a great antique shop i love to visit while there. but i digress. on this trip i found an adorable little coffee shop that i never knew existed.

it's called hidden house coffee and they aren't kidding about the "hidden" part. it's down a quiet little "residential" road where all the houses have been converted into various businesses. the mix of patrons ranged from locals to tourists, teenagers to seniors.

i love supporting the independent coffee houses and i always seek them out when i'm in need of a caffeine fix.

hidden house coffee
san juan capistrano, ca

12 May 2014

note to self: remove lid before adding beans to grinder.

it's a good idea to take the lid off of your coffee grinder before you pour your beans in; otherwise, you will have this situation on your hands:

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