29 May 2014

hidden house coffee

this past weekend we drove down to capistrano for the day. it's been a while since we've been there and there's a great antique shop i love to visit while there. but i digress. on this trip i found an adorable little coffee shop that i never knew existed.

it's called hidden house coffee and they aren't kidding about the "hidden" part. it's down a quiet little "residential" road where all the houses have been converted into various businesses. the mix of patrons ranged from locals to tourists, teenagers to seniors.

i love supporting the independent coffee houses and i always seek them out when i'm in need of a caffeine fix.

hidden house coffee
san juan capistrano, ca


  1. do you remember the name of that street cause we can't think of it. been there so many times, we used to know the name but we forgot.

    1. of course! it's los rios street. we also found an adorable gift shop where i bought an orange glass heart that is now hanging in my patio. i saw lots more stuff i wanted and will do more shopping on our next trip :)


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