02 August 2014

caffeinated garden art

i love caffeinated garden art and i have a few pieces scattered here and there in my yard. my next project was to reuse this old aluminum coffee pot that i had previously used as a planter.

i knew what i wanted to do with it but i wasn't sure what supplies i would need, so i got hubby and we went to our local home center. we ended up getting the 5 items shown below: 3' pipe, 45° elbow, close nipple, flat washer and a lock nut.

the hardest part of this project is making the hole on the bottom of the coffee pot. after drilling several small holes and one larger one, it just took a little sawing and some filing to get a nice round hole.

then you just screw the pipe, elbow and nipple together. insert it into the hole and from the inside add the washer (for stability) and the lock nut to keep it all together.
note: my coffee pot was a light weight aluminum. if you have a heavier pot, these supplies and application probably won't work for you.

and there you have it. stick the pipe into the ground in your garden and you now have caffeinated garden art.
oh, as a finishing touch, i added a glass "drop of coffee" from the spout.


  1. Very clever but of course did not expect less from you. Simply gorgeous and I love it. Is that a gardenia I see that has already popped out with the coffee drop?
    Hummm, let me borrow that coffee pot and the drop also.

    1. yes, that IS a gardenia. you have a good eye!
      maybe i'll make you UNcaffeinated garden art with a tea pot and a magic "tea" drop! lol

  2. Just love your art. So creative! it's not everyone who would think of a theme garden based on such a common kitchen appliance. Do you have a coffee pot planter decorating your kitchen as well?

  3. That may just be the coolest garden art ever! I love those old coffee posts. The dripping jewels are the perfect touch! Genius!


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