31 December 2012

my last coffee of 2012

this is the last cup of coffee i'll be having in 2012.

it is a delicious cup of las rosas, from verve.
(a christmas gift from daughter #1)

so long 2012, you've been a flavorful year but i am looking forward to the tastes and aromas that await me in 2013.

28 December 2012

christmas cheer

me & my pop sharing some holiday cheer, in the form of cups of coffee :)
merry christmas daddy!

26 December 2012

07 December 2012

rip van wafels

sitting atop my cup of coffee is a rip van wafels. it is a thin waffel sandwich filled with caramel. the amsterdam way is to sit it atop your "koffie" to warm the caramel filling. i've never been to amsterdam but that's what the package says :)
though they are not made in amsterdam, the company was started by a native dutchman.

03 December 2012

the beatles

i haven't been to any new coffee shops lately so i thought i'd share a picture i found on the internet. whilst these lads may have been drinking tea, i prefer to think they were drinking coffee.

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