31 March 2012

coffee candy

the other day i was at cost plus, where i always find the yummiest yummies, and i came across some coffee candy from indonesia. there was coffee, espresso & latte flavors. each package comes with 42 individually wrapped candies all made with real coffee. i didn't buy any but i made a mental note of them and maybe i'll buy a package on my next trip.

30 March 2012

fun coffee mugs

i think half the fun of having coffee is picking your mug. of course the most important reason for drinking coffee is for the amazing flavors but have fun with it. what do you feel like today? are you feeling fancy or silly? nostalgic or playful? i have lots of mugs and i choose carefully everyday. whoo wouldn't love a mug like this one?

when i moved my mug for the picture, i made a little splash. now it looks like my owl is crying a coffee tear! poor owl :(

28 March 2012

häagen-dazs coffee ice cream

with so many coffee ice creams to choose from at the supermarket, it could be hard to decide which to purchase. häagen-dazs is my choice.

fyi: even though häagen-dazs looks and sounds purely european, it is totally american. did you know the company started in the bronx?!?

26 March 2012

coffee w/ a kitty?

i went to visit my parents this past weekend and while i was enjoying my toffee nut latte, this kitty appeared in the window. this is jersey girl, one of my mom's cats, asking to come in. my mom is that crazy cat lady you've heard tell about. haha, no not really but she does care for the neighborhood strays. she puts food out for them and gets them fixed. props to my mom for going out of her way to help control the overpopulation of stray cats.

23 March 2012

mpito tanzania mbeya

so, i've been reading a lot of reviews on mpito tanzania mbeya coffee. it sounded like something i'd like and i became very anxious to try it for myself. i tend to lean towards the fruity coffees and "fruity" was in everyone's description. i ordered a bag from beanfruit coffee company and wow, yum. this was a delicious cup of coffee. all the reviews were spot on. i would definitely recommend this coffee to anyone that appreciates a good cup of coffee.

19 March 2012

irish coffee @ the buena vista

an original irish coffee at the famous buena vista in san francisco. they claim to serve up to 2,000 irish coffees a day! sláinte!

i must give credit where credit is due.
photo courtesy of my daughter, kimberly.

18 March 2012

dirty dishes

ok, who left dirty glassware in the sink from yesterday? oh... that was me.
nevermind. (said in my best emily litella voice)

17 March 2012

irish coffee

thinking of making some irish coffee for st patrick's day? all you need is black coffee, sugar, whiskey and some heavy cream as a topping. sláinte!

16 March 2012

coffee w/ bailey #12

today i brewed my coffee in a french press and since tomorrow is st patrick's day, i am having my coffee in my celtic mug that i found on etsy. you can't see from this angle but bailey is ready for st paddy's day by wearing her shamrock id tag.

12 March 2012

erin go bragh

this is my fun little coffee mug i like to bring out every year. it puts a smile on my face every time i look at the silly little leprechaun.

enjoying coffee for one in our courtyard.

09 March 2012

frap overload

i was at target earlier this week and i saw this endcap filled with frappuccinos. i don't drink them myself, but i thought it would make an interesting photo.

07 March 2012

no more cardboard sleeves

how do you like my new crocheted coffee cup sleeve? no more cardboard sleeves for me. i bought this at etsy from DarZeeDoatsDesigns. i love it. orange is my favorite color and i love how the owl is crocheted right into the design. so cute, don't you think?

05 March 2012

you can't buy happiness

i saw this saying on a plaque in a catalog but it was referring to tea, so i made this for all of us coffee lovers.

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