14 January 2014

philz coffee

this is the bag of tesora daughter #1 gave me for christmas. do you notice anything out of the ordinary about the package?

the bag of coffee is actually a pound! while most roasters sell their bags of coffee in 12 ounce bags, philz actually gives you a full pound. just like the old days! how refreshing. thanks philz. and thanks daughter #1 for the pound of coffee!

[in august of 2012 i had visited philz and i remember being impressed with the staff. everyone was very friendly. and not the fake friendly you get at other shops. a real friendly, with a real smile. there are over a dozen philz coffee shops, but unfortunately for me, they are all in the bay area.]

08 January 2014

christmas coffee 2013

my christmas was filled with family, laughter and coffee. both of my daughter's came bearing bags of beans! they live on opposite ends of the country so as far as coffee is concerned, i've got the best of both worlds.

daughter #1 lives up north, so she came with philz coffee from san francisco and daughter #2 is currently living in new york, so came with coffee from mud.

best. daughters. ever.
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