28 February 2013

a coffee surprise

yesterday hubby surprised me with two bags of klatch coffee (do i have the best hubby, or what). he brought el salvador orange bourbon (my favorite) and a new one we've never tried before, ethiopian sidamo adem chilcho. according to their website "the flavors become defined in the cup as raspberry, blueberry with hints of dark chocolate, providing a bright acidity within a creamy and juicy body." mmm, i am looking forward to giving this one a try!

i was going to take a picture of the coffee with bailey, but she decided to make it a picture of bailey with the coffee. lol

20 February 2013

coffee w/ bailey #31: peek-a-boo

i brewed a pot of klatch coffee's el salvador la avila in my chemex this morning and as i was going to take a picture, i noticed little bailey peeking through the handle! silly girl.

12 February 2013

starbucks & my new travel mug

i don't normally drink starbucks coffee (it tastes burnt to me) but when they are the only coffee shop around, sometimes there's no choice. this weekend we were out and about so we decided to stop in for a cup. i thought i'd give their new blonde roast a try. (i told you i don't go there often. how long ago did they introduce their blonde coffee? lol) i must say it was quite nice; much softer. i guess i won't have to avoid starbucks next time i'm craving caffeine.

also, on this trip i found this stainless steel travel mug that i had to get. the selling point, besides the fact that it's double walled stainless steel, was that it only holds 8 ounces! sometimes i need a smaller travel mug and while i do have a plastic one, it just doesn't keep my coffee hot. problem solved.
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