12 February 2013

starbucks & my new travel mug

i don't normally drink starbucks coffee (it tastes burnt to me) but when they are the only coffee shop around, sometimes there's no choice. this weekend we were out and about so we decided to stop in for a cup. i thought i'd give their new blonde roast a try. (i told you i don't go there often. how long ago did they introduce their blonde coffee? lol) i must say it was quite nice; much softer. i guess i won't have to avoid starbucks next time i'm craving caffeine.

also, on this trip i found this stainless steel travel mug that i had to get. the selling point, besides the fact that it's double walled stainless steel, was that it only holds 8 ounces! sometimes i need a smaller travel mug and while i do have a plastic one, it just doesn't keep my coffee hot. problem solved.


  1. Ok,question...is the Blonde weak though? (I like my coffee to have a good "kick" so I've never tried that blend). Do you like Chai Tea by the way? Oh and hey, hey...where's my adorable little Bailey?? :(...I LOVE seeing that face!!

    1. i like a kick to my coffee too but i want to be able to enjoy the taste. i didn't think it was weak; just more pleasant to drink.
      i've never tried a chai tea. should i?
      bailey wasn't with us on this trip but i have switched out the picture to include her.
      thx for your comment!

  2. Yea...Bailey has become part of my enjoying my coffee, not sure what it is about Bailey but I just really smile seeing that little face!:) :) Thanks for adding her!! Humm...ok, I'll have to give the Blonde a whirl! Well, my experience is people either LOVE or HATE Chai Tea...doesn't seem to be much middle ground. My daughter detests it but I LOVE it...even buy Chai coffee now! It's got a spicy tone to it (not spicy hot though) - Starbucks does it pretty well. I'll be curious to see of you like or hate it.I think it has cinnamon, cloves and a hint of ginger in it too.


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