29 February 2012

coffee by the fire

the past few days have been pretty cold and wet here in so cal (yes contrary to popular belief it does rain in southern california). i normally like to have my coffee out on the patio, but lately i've been having it by the fire. today i brewed a french press of el salvador las mercedes.

27 February 2012

coffee latte & cream bars

trader joe's has yumminess in their frozen department and it's called coffee latte & cream bars. each box comes with 8 little bars, they are only about 2 3/4" x 1 1/2". these little things are delicious. they aren't sandwiched between a cookie or stuck on a stick, they are just bars in a wrapper.

24 February 2012

22 February 2012

chemex for one

i bought myself a little chemex cm-1c and i am lovin' it! it can brew up to 15 ounces; perfect for moi.

it takes it's own little size filters, so i had to get a box of those too. folding this filter is a little like origami. it takes three folds to get it to the right shape.

here it is, brewed up, and ready to drink!

oops, all gone :)

20 February 2012

coffee w/ bailey #11

i normally brew my own coffee but on sunny days, it's nice to get out and let someone else do the work. on this day we went to the coffee klatch in rancho cucamonga. they have three locations but this is our favorite because it has the most outdoor seating and there is no smoking allowed on the north patio! (need to smoke? take it to the south patio.)

the baristas are always friendly and very knowledgable about their coffees. the klatch has a brew bar and they hand craft each cup individually. they've got the freshest cup of coffee in town.

16 February 2012

coffee w/ bailey #10

the other day, while in pasadena, i stopped by the coffee cantata.  they are a dog friendly little coffee shop with plenty of outdoor seating, a plus since i was there with bailey.  there was only one customer in the cafe, and she was eating food, not drinking coffee, which should have been my first clue to leave.  they had about 5 pump pots in view, but i was told they were all empty.  there was no brew bar and the only coffee they had was their house blend that was made in a drip machine and the pot was just sitting there on the warming plate; guess that should have been my second clue.  we were the only ones on their patio which happens to face a bus stop.  this should have been my third clue because every time the bus came by, bailey got scared.  buses are very noisy!  needless to say we won't be stopping by next time i'm in town.

14 February 2012

valentine's day

hubby came home today, not only with a bouquet of flowers, but with a pound of panama kotowa don k ml from klatch roasting! [he's such a sweetie.] who needs sparkle? i want coffee!

13 February 2012

coffee snobs welcome

seeing this billboard around town has made me curious about their coffee. [i won't eat their food, but i'll try their coffee.] i don't really consider myself a "coffee snob", though i do appreciate a good cup of coffee, but i thought i'd stop by and give them a try. well, as i have previously posted, i don't use white refined sugar and what sugar did they offer? white refined sugar. [sidebar: this is precisely why i always carry my own packets of sugar in the raw in my purse.] ok, so sugar aside, their coffee wasn't anything to write home about. it was an average cup of joe. it doesn't matter how good the beans are in the beginning, if you are going to brew coffee with a drip machine and have the pot just sitting on the warming plate, then how good is the finished product really going to be? i think if they are trying to entice the "coffee snob", they are going to have to up their game a little.

10 February 2012

mr. coffee french press

on a recent trip to walmart i noticed a mr. coffee french press. (i didn't know mr. coffee made a french press.) it has a stainless steel frame, a glass carafe and will brew 1.2 qt of your favorite roast. if you're looking for a new french press, this one is reasonably at less than $20.00.

08 February 2012

06 February 2012

coffee ice cream

i purchased these little individual servings of coffee ice cream over the weekend. when i got home, i noticed that even though the packaging is the same, one was dreyer's but the other was edy's. i went to their web sites and it looks like dreyer's and edy's are the same company. when did this happen? oh well, what's in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. as long as the flavor is the same, i'll be happy.

05 February 2012

sunday funnies #1: snoopy

snoopy is the ultimate coffee dog. i don't remember where i found this picture but i wish i had this mug!

01 February 2012

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