13 February 2012

coffee snobs welcome

seeing this billboard around town has made me curious about their coffee. [i won't eat their food, but i'll try their coffee.] i don't really consider myself a "coffee snob", though i do appreciate a good cup of coffee, but i thought i'd stop by and give them a try. well, as i have previously posted, i don't use white refined sugar and what sugar did they offer? white refined sugar. [sidebar: this is precisely why i always carry my own packets of sugar in the raw in my purse.] ok, so sugar aside, their coffee wasn't anything to write home about. it was an average cup of joe. it doesn't matter how good the beans are in the beginning, if you are going to brew coffee with a drip machine and have the pot just sitting on the warming plate, then how good is the finished product really going to be? i think if they are trying to entice the "coffee snob", they are going to have to up their game a little.

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