16 February 2012

coffee w/ bailey #10

the other day, while in pasadena, i stopped by the coffee cantata.  they are a dog friendly little coffee shop with plenty of outdoor seating, a plus since i was there with bailey.  there was only one customer in the cafe, and she was eating food, not drinking coffee, which should have been my first clue to leave.  they had about 5 pump pots in view, but i was told they were all empty.  there was no brew bar and the only coffee they had was their house blend that was made in a drip machine and the pot was just sitting there on the warming plate; guess that should have been my second clue.  we were the only ones on their patio which happens to face a bus stop.  this should have been my third clue because every time the bus came by, bailey got scared.  buses are very noisy!  needless to say we won't be stopping by next time i'm in town.

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