14 January 2014

philz coffee

this is the bag of tesora daughter #1 gave me for christmas. do you notice anything out of the ordinary about the package?

the bag of coffee is actually a pound! while most roasters sell their bags of coffee in 12 ounce bags, philz actually gives you a full pound. just like the old days! how refreshing. thanks philz. and thanks daughter #1 for the pound of coffee!

[in august of 2012 i had visited philz and i remember being impressed with the staff. everyone was very friendly. and not the fake friendly you get at other shops. a real friendly, with a real smile. there are over a dozen philz coffee shops, but unfortunately for me, they are all in the bay area.]


  1. My sapien told me that Philz coffee is more wiring than Starbucks. Should I believe her?

  2. My hubs really liked this place. He was there quite a lot last week.


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