18 August 2014

better buzz coffee

on a recent trip down to carlsbad, we got our morning buzz at better buzz coffee in san marcos. it's an adorable little walk-up/drive-up coffee shop.

yep, that's hubby ordering us a couple of drip coffees at the drive-up window. the brews of the day were caramel creme (flavored), night sky (dark roast) and kenya (peaberry). if you want to drink your brew there, they have a couple of patio tables outside with umbrellas to shield you from the sun but there is no indoor seating. as a matter of fact, there is no indoors. you order your coffee at the walk-up window.

they offer their drip in two sizes, regular ($2.15) and large ($2.35).
we both went with the regular (16 oz), kenya.

this is the sign you will see as you exit the parking lot. they were quite busy with a constant flow of cars and a few walk-up patrons as well. we will definitely be back here. it's a very convenient location for us but most importantly the coffee was very good.

904 w. san marcos bl, san marcos


  1. I love small coffee shops like this. What a great name and tagline!

    1. we are always on the lookout for small coffee shops like this one. they tend to have better coffee and more character than the bog box coffee shops.

  2. Coffee,outdoors with your Sweetie,Very classy. how 'bout a collection of cups from all these neato places?

    1. maybe i'll make a pinterest board with all the cups from the various coffee shops we visit. i'm pretty sure i've taken a picture of each of the cups, if they are not generic.


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