26 July 2012

coffee for tired people

i saw this bag of coffee while waiting in line at marshall's. i thought it was quite funny because isn't all coffee "coffee for tired people"? of course i don't buy pre-ground coffee, especially from Marshall's, but i just had to take a picture to share.


  1. I did buy it, and being a bit of a coffee snob .. I like to grind my own when time permits .. this was exceptionally good. I was very surprised.

  2. I am crazy-mad, loving this salted caramel coffee. I typically stay away from factory-flavored coffee but, this coffee is AMAZING! Which is how I found this website...I'm google searching to locate more. I found a 12 oz. bag at Marshalls and now it is dangerously low. MUST FIND MORE!

  3. I bought it too and It's my new favorite. You can buy it here though it's $4 less at Marshall's (http://www.paramountcoffee.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=85_94)

    I'm just worried that like many things at Marshall's, when I need it, it'll be gone.


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