15 May 2013


this post is part review and part rant. as you can see my coffee cup is not full. this is how i received it from the barista. they use a 12 ounce cup (i measured it when i got home) but they only fill it with about 10 ounces of coffee. they charge a premium for their coffee ($3.55!) so to not receive a full cup is a bit of a fail.

when you step into the cafe, you don't see a menu board behind the counter, instead you see several hanging clip boards with the day's offerings. you choose what you want before you get to the cashier. i ordered the ethiopian and hubby ordered el salvador.

they hand pour each cup individually at the brew bar so they are in full control of the amount of water that is added to each cup. we told them "no room" so why then, did they not fill our cups? [this was our 2nd visit here, and the 2nd time we felt shortchanged.]
it's a cozy shop with additional seating in their upstairs loft and a quaint outdoor patio. the coffee was very good, and i would totally order the ethiopian again, but i'm really on the fence about a 3rd visit.

their coffee is fair trade certified and most of their coffee is also usda certified. and of course they sell the typical accoutrements: bags of coffee (though the ethiopian was a whopping $21.95 for 12 oz!), brewing equipment, branded merchandise, etc.

dripp, the shoppes at chino hills

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  1. Better go talk to the owner - bad business practice!


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