11 June 2012

coffee pot planter

looking for something unusual for your garden? bring your love of coffee to your garden by planting in an old coffee pot. this old pot was in a box of items i was going to donate but instead i decided to repurpose it. it brings a touch of the unexpected to my garden and i love it.

tip: when planting in containers, fill the bottom with plastic bottles from your recycle bin. it'll take up extra space and save you on potting soil.


  1. Outdoors , or indoors this is a creative piece of art and will provide a wonderful pop of color wherever you place it whether it be a kitchen counter, breakfast table, or even in a bedroom or I can just see it in a powder room as well. An accent piece like this could work in any setting

  2. Yesterdays coffee pot recycled how clever. Like the orange plate under it for a pop of color.


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