30 August 2013

coffee head painting

i found this painting on the side of the hawthorne theatre in portland oregon. we were on our way to a coffee shop, of course, when i noticed it. we had to go around the block so i could get a photo of it. i didn't get off the car to see if there was a signature on it so i don't have any info on it other than it's a painting of a guy with a cup of coffee on his head. it looks like it's been there a while because it's really weathered and worn. i don't know why it's there or who put it there but i do know that it's cool and i'm glad a got a photo of it.


  1. Yes, indeed a very cool painting. Nice enough to have a copy in your home, even if it is weathered.

  2. I think it's called a ghost wall. a great creative project is to find them and photo them. makes a neato way to remember and preserve the past


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