27 August 2013

stumptown coffee roasters

i had been hearing about stumptown coffee roasters for quite some time now, but since i live in so cal, i didn't know when i'd ever visit their store in oregon. it just so happened that daughter #1 had to go there on business and she invited me along. my answer? "when do we leave!?" our trip was this past weekend. stumptown, here i come!

we went to the store on division street, since that's where it all started. it's a tiny little place with very little seating indoors with additional seating out front.

the counter and this roaster take up just about 1/2 the store.

i ordered their kenya ngunguru, which they prepared in a chemex. they describe it as being a "tart cup that bursts with juicy flavors of peach, red currant and orange zest." the flavors didn't kick in until it started to cool a bit then, bam they flood in!

i liked it so much, i bought a bag to bring home, and a mug to drink it in :)

cold brew on tap?!

gotta check-in on foursquare :)

4525 se division street, portland oregon


  1. So neat, did you by chance photo the roaster and seating area. you know i like chairs and funky stuff

    1. yes, the roaster is the 3rd picture down.
      didn't get a pic of the chairs, they were nothing special & couldn't get a pic of the seating area because it was always full of people!


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