06 October 2014

my camano coffee mill saved my life

ok, that was a bit of an exaggeration, but it did save the day. lemme 'splain. last week, the city turned the power off on our street so they could replace a power pole. we were without electricity for 6 1/2 hours! my near catastrophe occurred at coffee time. i only buy whole bean coffee, so no power = no electric coffee grinder. that's where my camano coffee mill saved the day. with a few cranks of the handle, i had ground coffee.

as for brewing without electricity, that wasn't a problem because i brew my coffee in a chemex coffeemaker.

disaster averted. thanks to my camano coffee mill, i was able to enjoy my mug of love and face the day, even without electricity.

are you equipped to brew coffee without electricity? there are several manual brewing methods to choose from: chemex, hario v60, & french press are just a few. and, if you buy whole beans, don't forget your manual coffee grinder!

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