20 September 2012

bad ass coffee of hawaii

there is a hawaiian themed coffee chain called bad ass coffee of hawaii that is scattered across the country. we happen to have one locally in rancho cucamonga. they are very well branded, with their logo everywhere. they also sell a plethora of branded merchandise, ie caps, tanks, tees, bumper stickers, key chains, cups, mugs... even their tile topped tables are branded.

as soon as you walk in, you are greeted by their bad ass donkey who is standing under a palm tree. (there is another palm tree at the back of the store.) above the counter hangs a surf board with a "100% kona coffee" neon sign mounted to it.

their 12 ounce coffee, served from a pump pot, was a reasonable $1.65. they had a pump pot of vanilla highball sitting out for free samples but it was barely luke warm. i would think if they want to promote a coffee, it should be piping hot. oh well, i settled on their hula pie, which was hot. it had flavors of vanilla, chocolate & macadamia nut.

their creamer & sweeteners sit under a grass awning, adding to the hawaiian feel.

there is a fair amount of seating inside and out. they also have a tv in the front of the store, which was tuned to the jets/steelers game. there was a constant trickle of customers coming in and out of the shop and the employees seemed to know quite a few of them by name. if you are in the neighborhood, give them a try. aloha.


  1. Aloha is right! I don't think there are any in Northern CA. I really enjoyed the coffee when I was in the islands.
    Love Noodles' Mommy #2

    1. you may not have a bad ass nearby but you have roy's AND philz!!! (and those are way better)


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