17 September 2012

coffee w/ bailey #22: int'l coffee house

i was looking for a coffee shop in brea a while ago, so i asked yelp for help. if you don't want starbucks, there aren't many options but number one on the list was the international coffee house. they are tucked away in the brea village, across the street from the brea mall. something a little different about this coffee shop is that there is a pool table in the back of the shop and they also have an open mic night. brew of the day was french roast, so that's what we had.
indoors there are a couple of comfy upholstered chairs but most of the chairs are wood. outside there are two tables that can seat 8 people and there was an ashtray on our table, so beware, smoking is allowed. read last week's post to see why i mention this.

they have been known to have a dog bowl of water on their patio but it wasn't there this morning. it was getting pretty hot out there and the employee saw we were coffeeing with two dogs, so she should have brought it out.

but whatever, i travel with our own water for bailey anyway.

click on the next picture to enlarge it, then look at the reflection in the window. you will see bailey standing next to africa!

international coffee house, imperial hwy, brea ca

1 comment:

  1. It's always a good idea to carry water and snacks for your baby, you can never be certain to find neccecities whan you're out and about, you're a good mommie and compassionate person ,Saint Anthony will bless you.


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