10 September 2012

coffee w/ bailey #20: the roadhouse

when in temple city, we like to stop in at the roadhouse coffee shop. if you know me, you know i love the independent coffeehouses. they've been there since 1994 and despite starbucks opening up in the same shopping center, they have managed to stay in business. at the roadhouse, i was happy to see they brew coffee from jones coffee roasters, an independent roaster in pasadena, ca. it's like the little guy helping the little guy to succeed. awesome.

the only problem on our visit was that, since bailey was with us, we had to sit outside. that wasn't the problem though. the problem was that we had a smoker to the left of us and a smoker to the right. it was rather disgusting and even doggie was sneezing. however as soon as they left, the air cleared and we could enjoy our brew and the fresh air.

bailey still looks a little woozy in this shot from all the smoke.

but when the air cleared, she was happy again.

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