01 March 2013

berry-licious coffee

ok, so i was going to wait until i finished off my current open bag of coffee before diving into the ethiopian sidamo adem chilcho, that hubby surprised me with, but i couldn't wait. wow, this coffee is berry-licious! the description mentions a hint of chocolate which i didn't really notice it but i definitely tasted the berries. it's like a mouthful of fruit! if you are a regular reader of my blog, you know how i favor the fruity coffees. this one just might be my new favorite.

ethiopian sidamo adem chilcho


  1. Urrr....ok, now I'm gonna have to spend money and try this :) and the bourbon one!!

  2. Too frou frou for an old sea dog. I need something that will grow hair on my chest LOL

    1. you poor sailors must have been served sludge during your tour. it's high time you refined your palate to what real coffee should taste like. why do you think coffee's nickname is "mud"? lol


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