19 March 2013

coffee w/ bailey #33: some crust bakery

we love going to super dog-friendly claremont to stroll up and down their quaint streets, filled with indie shops. when it comes to coffee, of course they have a starbucks and a coffee bean, but today we caffeinated ourselves at some crust bakery. added bonus: it's a bakery!

i don't know how many coffee shops actually bake their own goods or how fresh they really are but you can be sure you aren't going to get day old breads here. plus they serve a really good coffee. they brew monkey & son coffee, which is fair trade and organic. that's a win win to me!

i ordered two pour overs but i noticed the water they used was just sitting in a pot on a warmer. i don't know if this is standard practice or if the girl just didn't know but a warmer is only going to keep water warm. you need hot water to brew coffee; around 200 degrees hot for proper extraction. they are ruining a perfectly good bean by under extracting it. i would rate their coffee as being mediocre :(

i will give them another try to see if this was a fluke but if that's how they prepare a pour over, i will not be seeking caffeine at their establishment. as a bakery though, they are top notch.

some crust bakery, claremont ca


  1. I was worried Bailey might not make an appearance...but YEA!!!

  2. Well after all ,it really is only a bakery that serves coffee, not a real coffee shop. But they should try to do things right if they want to compete. Better luck next time


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