26 March 2013

irish coffee

do you know how to make irish coffee? just because st patrick's day has ended doesn't mean you can't make yourself an irish coffee. do you have a margarita only for cinco de mayo? of course not! this is how hubby & i make it.

-6 oz coffee
-1.5 oz jameson irish whiskey
(or your whiskey of choice)
-2 tsp sugar
-heavy cream (whipped)
-warmed irish coffee glass

note: i only put 1 oz of whiskey in mine because i'm such a lightweight but hubby puts 1.5 oz in his.

1. brew coffee
2. add sugar to empty glass
3. add coffee & stir to dissolve sugar
4. add whiskey
5. pour whipped cream over the back of a spoon so it floats on top

it's that simple.

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