04 October 2012

coffee w/ bailey #26: the blue mug

day two's first stop was at blue mug in escondido. wow. this place was very cool. i have been to a lot coffee shops but i have never been to a coffee shop like this before. when you first walk in the door, you see the counter with 18 glass jars of beans. each jar is labeled with the bean and a flavor description. you choose your bean, they grind it and brew it for you in their pour over brew bar. i had the italian and hubby had the sumatra.

i asked for 2 small coffees, expecting them to be the standard 12 oz, but to my surprise, their "small" is 16 ounces; and it was only $2.40! their next size up, the large, is 20 ounces for only $2.50! this was the bargain of the weekend for sure. their coffee is supplied by santa cruz coffee roasting and did i mention, they have free wi-fi?

the shop is l-shaped which allows for a pretty good size outdoor patio. it was extremely relaxing and the coffee was delicious. as you can see, we made ourselves right at home :)

the shop is pushed back from the street. you won't see it just driving by, so you don't have the traffic sights and sounds interfering with your coffee experience. if you are a local, or just passing through town, this place is a must go to.

blue mug, escondido ca


  1. I'm enjoying your weekend excursion and the neato shops you are finding. are you shooting coffee cups?

    1. i always shoot the cups but they don't always have their name on them :(


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