26 October 2012

the nautical bean

on our journey back home from monterey, we stopped at the nautical bean in san luis obispo. unfortunately it was raining and we couldn't enjoy their cozy front patio. they also have a back patio and plenty of indoor seating. they are located in the laguna village shopping center, so there is plenty of parking too. we took our coffee to go and headed south.

tattoo style koi fish on their front door

nutty bean turbo for hubby, gold medal for me

but before leaving slo, we stopped at the madonna inn to grab a yummy sweet and to purchase some of their signature goblets.

aren't they pretty?


  1. espresso is too much for me,but looks like a nice enough place to have a cuppa

    1. i don't do espresso either, unless it's in a latte of course :)


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