05 October 2012

coffee w/ bailey #27: ryan bros coffee

our weekend of coffee has come to a close, so on our way home, we stopped in temecula for one last coffee at ryan bros coffee. what sets this shop apart from the others is that they also serve wine and have wine tasting events, which makes perfect sense since temecula is southern california's wine country.

they have stores in san diego, san marcos & temecula, though i don't know if wine is available in all locations. you can get a small, served from a pump pot for $1.55 and they have free wi-fi. our experience here was average. maybe it's because our morning coffee was exceptional or maybe it's because they are only average.

they share a large patio space with chipotle, which you can see just beyond the little gate in the picture below. they also have a couple of tables in the corridor so you have your choice of complete or partial open air.

ryan bros coffee, temecula ca

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