25 October 2012

coffee w/ bailey #29: archie's american diner

while in monterey, we didn't have time to go to an actual coffee shop, so we had coffee with our dinner at archie's american diner. what a cute diner! we didn't go inside because of the doggies, but the outside was adorable and we placed our order at the window!

they serve tully's coffee there. the guy brewed us a fresh pot of (pre-ground, pre-packaged) coffee, but we were cold and that was better than nothing. at that point as long as it was hot, it was fine with me.
bailey didn't mind the weather as long as she's wrapped up in her nice, warm blankie :)

this is the "coffee" our hotel supplied. have you ever made hotel coffee?

1 comment:

  1. Archies looks interesting, as does their menu, but I think I'll try Frisco's for their atmosphere first or perhaps Legends


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