08 October 2012

drive-thru coffee!

on our coffee adventure last weekend, we stumbled across a couple of little drive-thru shops that we just didn't have time for but i made note of them and we will return and give them a try on our next trip to san diego county.

the first cutie we found was the quick fix in encinitas. it looks like it used to be a fotomat store. does anyone remember those or am i dating myself again??? they were teeny little kiosks built in parking lots that would sell kodak film (remember film?) and would develop your photos overnight. i think this is the teeniest little coffee shop i have ever seen. i can't imagine anything being smaller! i think the table and chairs out front is the icing on the coffee cake! absolutely adorable.

the quick fix, encinitas ca

the second cutie was better buzz in san marcos. if you're in a hurry you can drive thru or if you feel like taking it easy, you can go to the walk up window and caffeinate yourself al fresco on their patio.

better buzz, san marcos ca

what's the farthest you will travel for a good cup of coffee?


  1. You could include your vehicle in the photos as a personal touch

    1. i will include it next time when we actually are in line for a coffee :)


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